Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Roaring Twenties Birthday Cake

Finally, the completed cake for my friend's 30th birthday.  This was a collaboration between me and the birthday girl, who went with a fabulous Roaring Twenties theme for her party. After looking at a lot of cake pictures, the birthday girl decided on off-set tiers, peacock feathers, beads, and a gold and black color scheme.

I was super excited about the theme and pushed myself to come up with an original design for her cake. Originality is not my strongest skill at this point, and normally, I just find pictures of cakes that I like and try to recreate them with some changes.

And while I am never 100% satisfied with any of my cakes and would have done a few things differently, I was pretty happy with my attempt at capturing the party theme.  I, personally, really loved the gilded gum paste gardenias.

The gum paste peacock feathers looked pretty darn cool too!

The gum paste peacock feathers were actually pretty easy to make and I will post a short little tutorial later this week.

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