Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ignored, but not forgotten

Ah, poor little neglected blog.  No excuses really for my absence. I have been doing cakes. I have had things to blog about.  I just didn't.  Lately I have been way more active on my Facebook page than anywhere else. I am guessing that is probably the norm for a lot of people. But anyway, enough excuses, more cake.  I was lucky enough to have a couple of cool cakey related things happen lately.

Cake Central was kind enough to feature the one and only tutorial I have made to date on making gum paste peacock feathers, which is by far, the most popular thing I have ever put on this blog  They even made a cool little header photo to go with it.

Photo credit: Cake
So everyone is on the Craftsy bandwagon now, right?  If you aren't, you should be. Reasonably priced online cake decorating classes from well-known, qualified sugar artists. There is an interactive platform where you can ask questions of the instructors and other students.  You can watch the classes as often as you want and can pause or skip around the various lessons as needed.  Plus, they are always having sales on their classes so you pretty much never have to pay full price for classes.

I took Maggie Austin's Fondant Frills class earlier this year and used some of the techniques to make my pink and gold ruffled birthday cake which I uploaded as a class project.  Craftsy also maintains a great little blog, and I was pretty shocked and excited to see it pop up on the Craftsy blog recently. 

Right now, I am the in the middle of Craftsy's "Intro to Isomalt" class, and I totally love it.  I took an Intro to Sugar Work class at the Wilton school a couple of years ago and have been wanting to explore sugar work more since then.  Luckily, I have a project coming up that I hoping to incorporate some isomalt work!

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