Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turkey, Turkey!

I hope everyone who celebrated it had a happy Thanksgiving.  We kept it very low key and relaxing here. Since it was just the husband and me, we celebrated, as is becoming our tradition here in Chicago, by running a Turkey Trot in the morning and then going out to a nice restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner.

We had a gift card, a wedding present that we hadn't used yet, and decided to go to Wildfire for dinner.   They did a traditional family style dinner where you could pick two plates for each course.  No complaints here; everything was delicious. We had turkey and stuffing, beef tenderloin, roasted brussel sprouts with hazelnuts, and mashed potatoes.   Not pictured are the delicious pumpkin pie and key lime tart we split for dessert.  I love doing Thanksgiving like this.  No stress, no clean-up, and no leftovers to tempt you into indulging more than necessary.

I spent the rest of the my long weekend doing some much needed cleaning, putting out a few Christmas decorations, and doing some baking.   Since we aren't going to be in town this year for Christmas, I didn't feel like going crazy with the decorations.  Just a wreath, our stockings (including two for the pups), and few other little bits and pieces.  My next big project after repainting our master bedroom is to tackle that fireplace.  I am dreaming of a white fireplace which I think will look great with that hefty, dark wood mantle.

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  1. Oh, nice! I didn't know you guys were in town; we would love to have you over next year if we are here. I love cooking for Thanksgiving but don't have many people to cook FOR. :)

    Congrats on the Turkey Trot!