Sunday, July 15, 2012

Garden Theme 80th Birthday Cake

I created this cake for 80th birthday for a women who likes to garden.  Her daughter saw my NOARDA competition cake, liked the design, and wanted something similar for her mother.  I kept the shapes and color of the cake the same, but changed the details a bit as to make the cake unique.

To enhance the garden theme, I created garden gloves, a shovel, and seed packets out of gum paste.  The seed packets were one of my favorite details.  I made an actual sealed packet out of gum paste with dragees inside the packet so that it sounded like there were seeds inside when you shook it.  I downloaded some images of vintage seed packets from the Internet and printed out an edible image to attach to the packets.

Since it was a garden cake, it, of course, had to have flowers.  I made sure to include yellow roses and pink peonies as they were specific flowers the women had in her garden.  I also made white sweet peas,  white berries, and some blue pulled blossoms.  

I loved they way the blue blossoms popped against the yellow roses.

The topper was a topiary ball made from Styrofoam ball, covered in fondant and then covered with gum paste hydrangea and buds.

For the peonies, it was my first time making them, so I tried a couple of techniques to see which look I preferred.  I was pleased with the outcome as it was first time making them, but when I try them again, I am going play around with them a bit to try for something a little bit more realistic looking.  The peonies started out a very light pink color, but I gave them a final dust with some watermelon petal dust with a tiny bit of plum petal dust. 

I liked this one the best.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sugar Flower Inspiration: Portland's Rose Garden

Man, June kicked to my booty. Hard.  It was crazy busy, and I didn't get around to posting once.  I worked on a couple of big cakes (pictures forthcoming) with lots of sugar flower work, started training again for the Chicago Marathon, and took a week vacation to Oregon. 

Oregon was fabulous! We spent a few days in Portland with friends, visited Crater Lake, and spent a day and night in the Northern Oregon Wine Country.  One of the highlights of the trip was the International Rose Test Garden in Portland.  It was such an insanely beautiful place, and it smelled AMAZING.  I have never seen so many varieties and colors of roses, and the sugar flower artist in me was completely overwhelmed by the inspiration.   I loved the gardens so much that I made my poor husband visit twice so I could take a ton of pictures to later use when making sugar flowers.  

Here are some of my favorites from my visit: