Monday, December 26, 2011

Gum Paste Poinsettia Class

I hope everyone's holidays have been wonderful so far.  I have been MIA lately due to the craziness of the season and a 5 day training at my job right before Christmas.  I am lucky now to have two weeks off during which I hope to catch up on blogging and baking. 

I received my Christmas gift a little early this year.  A couple of weeks ago, I took an excellent one day gum paste poinsettia class with Nicholas Lodge and Mark Seaman.  I own a couple of Nicholas Lodge's sugar art books and one of his gum-paste flower DVDs, but I was really looking forward to taking a class with him as I had heard nothing but good things about his instruction.  Most of the gum paste flower work that I have done previously is a result of fiddling around in my kitchen with YouTube videos and books; however, in my mind, nothing beats having some hands-instruction.

As expected, the class exceeded my expectations. Both instructors were excellent and hands-on in teaching.  Everything was super organized and efficient. The poinsettia looked a bit intimidating at first because there are so many leaves, bracts, and flowers to make out of sugar, but broken down step by step, it is actually a fairly simple flower to make.  Here is the results from the class:

A mold was used to make the yellow flower centers which simplified the process though you could also make them by hand. One of the most helpful things I learned from the class was how to wire all the pieces together.  Once all of your leaves, bracts, and flowers are dusted and ready to be assembled, you split your pieces into three fairly equal groups and the wire each group separately the wire the three groups together.  This helps give the poinsettia is symmetrical, spread out shape.
And since, I was a major fail at taking pictures during class, I thought I would go ahead and link to some of the supplies that were used in the class.  All the items are sold through Nicholas Lodges website. 
Lacquer Spray (spray glaze to make the leaves shiny)

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