Monday, October 3, 2011

Introduction to Sugar Artistry

This weekend I spent my Sunday playing with hot sugar at The Wilton School’s Introduction to Sugar Artistry class.  Since I started decorating, I have always found sugar work fascinating, but intimidating.  When I saw that Wilton was offering a 1-day course, I figured it would be a good way to dip my toe in a new decorating medium.
At the start of the day, the instructor demonstrated how to make poured sugar, color it, and work with the heat box. Everything we made started with a hunk of amber colored sugar that was softened, broken into smaller pieces, and colored for the different projects.  Below is the box with a heating lamp that keeps the sugar soft and malleable so you can pull it and shape it. 
The rest of the day was spent learning about how pull and mold a few different flowers, leaves, ribbons, and lollipops by hand.   

A definite benefit to pulled sugar flowers compared to gum paste flowers is that you don’t have to wait for flowers to dry in stages. You can complete flowers as quickly as you can pull the petals.
We also made pulled ribbons for a sugar bow. 

I used kelly green and sky blue to color two sections of my sugar and combined them with a section of uncolored sugar, and this beautiful color was the result.

The students concluded the day by putting our individual pieces together in a small sugar centerpiece.  We had free reign on the design, and it was neat to see how different each of the eight students’ pieces looked.  Since my bow was flattening quickly due to the heat of the room, I used it as the base of my piece and then added few of my flowers, leaves, and vines around it.   

Being a hobby decorator, I don’t have the equipment or the demand to do sugar work at this time; however, it was quite fun to take a class and learn some new skills. I am looking forward to taking possibly taking some of Wilton’s advanced sugar art courses sometime next year.

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