Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Black and White Anemone Birthday Cake

Noncakers and bakers always seem to feel bad for me when they hear that I sometimes make my own birthday cakes.  I think most cake decorators would agree that it isn't that big a deal.  It is just another excuse to bake and practice your skills.   Every cake I make I try to incorporate some new skills and techniques.

This year for my 3rd 30th birthday I wanted to tackle gum paste anemones and practice piping.  Confetti Cakes created this gorgeous cake a while back and it has been widely replicated all over the cake decorating world.

I wanted to try my hand at it and lucked out by finding a pdf online with instructions for making the cake. Anemones are actually pretty simple little flowers to make out of gum paste, but just a couple of them scattered on a cake has a great impact, especially the black and white version.

So yeah, my version is not nearly as lovely. Once again proving that I need mondo practice at piping.  Also, for someone who rarely pipes, the black royal icing on white fondant was not the smartest choice. That being said, as you become more experienced at cake decorating you become better at hiding your mistakes.  The drop strings and piping are pretty uneven, but from far away, the overall effect isn't too bad.   Sort of like a Monet, as one of my favorite movie heroines would say.  I am still working on getting sharper fondant edges on my cakes, but this was an improvement. I used fondant dummies for the top two layers, and I can usually see a distinct difference between the covered dummies and the actual cake layer, but here, I don't really think you can tell.

Close-up of one of the Gum paste anemones and in my opinion, one of the best cake photos I have taken.  Very happy with my first attempt though I think the petals could still be a little thinner. 

And for those interested here is the link to the instructions I mentioned above

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  1. And would you be making me a cake for my Birthday?
    Just kidding. Love the blog.